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All invested business owners and CEOs are committed to ensuring their business is strong, fiscally sound, maximizing opportunities, and using solid business strategies.

At Michelson and Associates, our Business Analysts are business experts fluent in the most effective business practices. A professional business analysis is a simple, straight forward process that identifies barriers and solutions to productivity and profitability issues that exist within each business.

Our experts will analyze financials, interview key staff members, and review sales, operations, organization, and the ownership/executive leadership priorities of each business. An analysis typically takes two business days to complete. Owners are required to be available for two hours each day. As a conclusion to this process, the Analyst will offer an overview his or her findings and specific strategies and recommendations for you and your business.

Our clients find the analysis to be a valuable, relevant, and meaningful experience. We recognize and respect the fact that business owners and CEOs have high levels of competency and expertise specific to their field of industry. Even the most profitable businesses with owners and CEOs well-versed in business concepts realize significant benefit from our experts’ extensive knowledge and non-biased assessment of the business.

If you have questions about this process or are ready to schedule a business analysis, please call Michelson and Associates at 253.864.3090 or email at info@michelsonandassociates.com


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